Low-code metrics layer, modern open-source alternative to Looker

Аn open-source DataOps solution that automates oldschool data analytics and turns it into a low-code metrics store.
Accurate Data
Access insights with confidence, keep teams up-to-date on metrics changes, build institutional knowledge with stakeholders to empower your decision-making
Real-time insights
Take advantage of an enterprise-level metrics platform that allows you to visualize key insights via an easy GraphQL API or JDBC client
Everyone is up to date
Create individual dashboards for different roles and teams or stakeholder groups, and track changes across multiple data sources with a unified dashboard
No fragmented data. No repetitive tasks. No time waste.
We offer a new way of working with data analytics – metrics store.
Data modeling
A Cube.js Data Schema is used to model raw data into meaningful business metrics, transform and pre-aggregate data for optimal results
Version control
Manage schema changes with version control, rollback fast to the valid one
Auto Testing and Documenentation
Good documentation and data testing will help downstream consumers curate the datasets
Metrics Governance
Keep an eye on metrics changes, know data owners and contributors, understand the context rapidly
Multitenancy and row-level security
Collaborate on the metrics and warehouses together with your team
Query orchestration and multi-level caching
Any production-ready analytics solution requires key components such as analytic SQL generation, query results caching and execution orchestration
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