All your data science in one place

MLCraft is a full-stack data science platform that provides everything you need to build, manage and automate machine learning – company wide.

You focus on the science, we'll handle all other stuff.

MLCraft works for

Data Analyst
Advance your career with automated machine learning
Data Scientists
Amplify your data science skills
Become an AI-driven enterprise
Software Engineers
Easily add AI to your application
IT Professionals
Deploy and manage models in a fraction of the time

Data scientists never have to worry about infrastructure again

75% of data scientist's time is spent on infrastructure tasks.

MLCraft extends your team's potential by automating data exploration and DevOps for ML and allowing rapid iteration of your model portfolio.

Data Scientists

Current challenges
  • New frameworks are rapidly released
  • Infrastructure tasks consume valuable time
  • Hard to scale models into production
MLCraft solution
Deploy, evaluate, and iterate models at your own pace.

DevOps & Security

Current challenges
  • ML expertise is uncommon
  • New infrastructure requirements
  • Need to serve at enterprise scale
MLCraft solution
Monitor, govern, and manage the company-wide ML model portfolio.

ML Leadership

Current challenges
  • ML is top priority, clear strategy needed
  • Insight into ML progress is critical
  • Tech stack must be capable of enterprise scale
MLCraft solution
Ensure ML projects reach maturity with best-in-class security and auditability.

How it works in 5 steps

Connect your BigData datasource
We have connectors to the most popular databases: PostgreSQL, Redshift, MySQL, MSSQL, BigQuery, ClickHouse, Spark, Presto, Oracle,
– and services: Stripe, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, GitHub, GitLab, ...etc
Explore the data
In our Looker-like UI select all datasource fields you want to train the model
You're able to join and merge the data or generate new features using pure SQL without pain
Run the training experiment, don't worry about GPUs
You train the model in a 1000 processes to achieve the best accuracy
Deploy in a click
if validation is OK then just run the deployment process
It takes ZERO time for you, all DevOps is on our side
Use deployed model just right now
Integrate to your app using modern GraphQL API – FAST and EASY

MLCraft vs Traditional Way

MLCraft way
Traditional way
1 Data Scientist
3 Engineers: DevOps, Backend, Data Scientist
Iteration Time
Less than 1/2 of a day: * 10 minutes – 2 hours of data exploration, * 1 hour of training, * ZERO time to deploy
At least 4 days
Cost of Living
By pricing
At least $1k * summarising all salaries
Who can build models?
Executives, Analysts, Software Engineers, Testers, Data Scientists
Only Data Scientists

How can we help you get started?

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