Empower your business decisions with a single source of data truth.

MLCraft is a full metrics store that allows you to define, store, and manage metrics definitions in code for all your downstream tools.
Save time, improve transparency.

MLCraft Metrics Store is the fastest way to get a metric store up and running with no coding required. Simply create a new metric set from our template or build it from scratch using our editor, and you're ready to go!

Company-wide Metrics Framework

A low-code and flexible framework for businesses to build scalable metrics governance in code without the need for complicated SQL queries.

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Unified Metrics Store
Removes the need for ad-hoc requests and allows you to visualize data stories on annotated charts with historical context, communicate it to shareholders in customized feeds, and receive real-time notifications.
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Flexible Metrics API
MLCraft provides developers with a way to generate metrics in many different dimensions and push them downstream to end-user tools while enriching them with metadata.
A single source of Truth for any org.

MLCraft is an open-source low code metrics store that empowers data analysts to deliver accurate, timely, confident, and fast data-driven business insights.