AI & ML ecosystem for crypto traders and Investors
of any level.

Beat the market while data and machines do the work for you.
How is that possible?
Humans are slow and emotion driven. 80% of investors lose money due to emotions and manual trading. The winners earn 10-15% yearly, while the market can offer more.

Our software trades automatically, evolves constantly, and takes into account risk levels comfortable for you.

How does it work?
Our AI algorithm retrains daily using fresh data. This helps keep profitability substantially higher vs the market average.
Why do we share our technology?
We already earn on our bot, but we can make more if we have additional funds. Your money + our technology = shared profit. Simple.
Core features
Telegram Signals
We send you a signal when needed
on a free version and put and close order on a paid version

In-house execution
Our product executes AI strategy orders as fast as possible.
Neural Networks to predict future market movements
We use modern deep learning and our proprietary methods to predict markets. They work on Binance.
Our plans
for month
for month
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